Job posting at the University of South Carolina

USC is looking for a person to provide contraceptives, HPV Vaccines (derived, of course, from aborted fetal tissue), advise people to have abortions, teach about “sexual awareness,” etc. Most offensive of all is a hotline about “LGBTQ hate crimes.” How about hate crimes committed against Christians??

Here’s the description:

Oversees a comprehensive campus-wide sexual health education program for both male and female students that covers a range of topics such as: building healthy relationships, gender development, sexually transmitted disease risk reduction, contraception and pregnancy option counseling, interpersonal violence prevention, sexual orientation, etc. Includes the development and evaluation of presentations, workshops, and campaigns for the campus to address the range of topics. Campaigns include: Sexual Responsibility Week, World AIDS Day, Cervical Cancer Vaccine, Homophobia Awareness Week, etc. Develops and coordinates University 101 (U101) sexual health program titled: Sex & the College Student and assist with the U101 interpersonal violence program. Responds to cases of sexual assault, relationship violence, and LGBTQ hate crimes as part of an on-call staff. Renders assistance by providing support, information and options, advocacy for the legal and student judicial systems, safety plans, and direct assistance when requested.

2 responses to “Job posting at the University of South Carolina

  1. StorytellerAngel

    They forgot the line… Catholics need not apply.

  2. John C. Hathaway

    Sadly, plenty probably will.

    Here’s what my wife’s most recent OB/Gyn said on the NFP issue: “Well, I’ve had lots of Catholic patients, and they all express their faith differently.”

    But it gives me a new thing to say when the alumni association call.

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