Enter the Man-Bat, the Centaur, the Spider-Man, Zartan, Cobra’s Venom Troops. . . .

The idea of a human-animal hybrid dates back to the efforts of ancient mythmakers to make sense of their visions of angels and demons. The modern idea of combining human and animal DNA has been a staple of science fiction for decades. In some ways, it’s always seemed like one of the more “plausible” sci-fi scenarios.
You’ve got Spider-Man, for example. Then there’s Batman’s adversary, the Man-Bat. Then there’s Zartan with his chameleon DNA, and then the Cobra V-Troops of G. I. Joe’s “Valor vs. Venom” line. I can’t think of any other examples off-hand, except about a third of the characters in Masters of the Universe.

Anyway, not only have human-animal hybrids become a scientific reality, but the United Kingdom of Satan has now legalized the creation of human-animal hybrid embryos.

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