Archbishop Chaput to Obama Supporters: Convert Him

Based upon his own penitence for overlooking the abortion views of Bobby Kennedy and Jimmy Carter, Archbishop Charles Chaput has called upon Obama’s Catholic supports to not just overlook his position on abortion, but to try and convert him.

It is amazing to hear someone actually say this, but it shouldn’t be. This is what we’re supposed to be about. This is the very point of my post yesterday: what ultimately bothers me about liberal Catholics is that they seem more concerned about money than about salvation of souls. Liberation theologians want to liberate people from temporal worldly problems–nice enough, but, ultimately, irrelevant. They show no interest in liberating people from slavery to Satan or from the future chains of Hell.

Back when Bill Clinton had his heart troubles, I commented on some boards that I was praying for his conversion. People took this as an insult. I said, “Of course not. I pray for the conversions of every politician, and even moreso for someone near death.” (Pause to offer an “O Blood and Water . . . ” for Ted Kennedy).

I pray for the conversion of George Bush. I pray for the conversino of Osama bin Ladin. I pray for the conversion of the Clintons. I pray for the conversion of John McCain. I pray for the conversion of Barack Obama. I pray for the conversion of Antonin Scalia and the conversion of Nancy Pelosi. All of them need conversion in varying degrees. We all need it.

But we don’t *do* it. We dont’ convert ourselves. We don’t pray for the conversion of others. For liberals, praying for conversion is *wrong*. Look at all the fighting over the Good Friday prayers in the Tridentine Rite.

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