Sr. Joan Chittister: "Listen to your elders and be liberal!"

This is an example of liberal hypocrisy I’ve encountered my entire life. The people who’ve built the modern liberal movement (and I blame the WWII generation just as much as the Baby Boomers, if not more–after all, they’re the ones who *gave* us _Roe v. Wade_ and the “Spirit of Vatican II”) based their ideology on a kind of watered-down Marxism. When they were young people in the 1940s-1970s, they were all about rejecting authority, changing the status quo, etc. Young people, they said, were the voice of the future, and the old had nothing to offer with their outmoded ways.

Now, as they say, the chickens have come home to roost. Since the early 1990s, young people have been following two courses which those idealistic young Socialists did not anticipate. Most are advocating the hedonism and anarchism that are the logical result of their parents’ and grandparents’ philosophy of youthful rebellion. Then there are thoes of us who have grown up seeing the horrible fruits of the 1960s and have rebelled against it, choosing to return to tradition.

To us, the aging liberals suddenly start saying, “Respect your elders.” I don’t know how many times I’ve received this very retort from 50+ liberals when I’ve challenged their beliefs.

Well, now Sr. Joan Chittister has written a book on that very topic.

But isn’t writing a form of patriarchy? I mean, oppresive white males invented the Roman lettering system and the English language?


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