Daily Archives: May 11, 2008

She can see!

Allie’s left eye lensectomy went very well, on Thursday. On Friday morning, I took Allie to her follow-up. Dr. Wilson said the right eye was healing nicely, and then he did the exam.
I don’t think she’s ever gotten much below the third or fourth level from the “big ‘E'” before she had trouble.
He used an HD screen with letters, and I was sitting right next to it. By the time she said she couldn’t make out the letter, it was a size that was blurring for me, sitting right next to it.
Choking, I said to Dr. Wilson, “Can I hug you?”
So, we came home. She’s a bit frustrated that her vision, without glasses, is now worse in the left eye than it was with the lens.
We filled her prescription this morning, and they said it would take 4 weeks.
So, tonight, I got an idea, and I pulled out the glasses she got *last* year from Dr. McWilliams here in Columbia. He’d said at the time they were what she should have without the lenses. We had been trying dilation to make the pupils bigger than the lenses, but it didn’t work.
So I pulled out those glasses and put them on her. She could count fingers from across the room. “How many fingers?””TWO!””How many fingers?””FOUR!””How many fingers?””ONE! . . . THREE! TWO! ONE! BLAST-OFF!”
We called the grandparets and 9:30. My parents (who usually forbid calling after 9) were ecstatic. Mom put us on speaker. Allie talked to my parents. She said, “I’m standing in the computer room, and Daddy’s in the living room, and I can see his face!”
I called Mary’s parents. Mary’s dad yelled, “It’s a miracle!”
She got on Jumpstart KIndergarten, which she’s been doing for like 2 years now. She’s always been able to do it, but with much frustration. She tore right through all the math and spelling stuff that used to frustrate her to no end.
I put a video on. She could see the TV from the other side of the room.
I told her, “This is more than just that you can see. This is making up for all the years that I couldn’t. In your joy, I’m seeing the fulfillment of what I prayed for my entire childhood.”
When I was a kid, they said just to wait. On two occasions I was put in the hospital for a lensectomy, only to have it cancelled at the last minute. They always worried about retinal detachment. The newer procedures carry much less risk, and they think it’s actually safer for the retina to do it as soon as possible.
So I had to wait till I was a teenager for my lenses to totally sink out of my field of vision, having my eyes dilated every day to expand my pupils around my lenses and wearing a patch over my stronger eye for an hour a day to help strengthen my weaker eye.