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God’s grace working through Pope Benedict

Often, we talk of “planting seeds.” You never know how God will use you as an instrument of grace. Several interesting stories have popped up after Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to the United States on April 15-20. I’ve heard many stories over the years of how profoundly people were effected by John Paul II’s various visits to the US. Hopefully, these initial reactions are indications of wider trends:

Cardinal Egan has publicly criticized Rudy Giuliani for receiving Communion at the Mass at Yankee Stadium. (this is all over the ‘Net; here’s another discussion of the matter)

Cardinal Mahony claims that the Pope’s visit has made him “a different disciple of Jesus”:

My own mistakes and failures over the years had continued to burden me – a
weight that I failed to realize was holding me down.

Let’s pray those profound words reflect a profound conversion: “O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy for us, we trust in You! St. Charles Borromeo, pray for us! Our Lady of the Angels, pray for us!”

The Archdiocese of New York reports a spike in seminary applicants.

And a Catholic pacifist has changed his absolutism.

Canadian Christians fighting back against the "Human Rights Commission"

LifeWatch: Trying to get the Methodists to stop supporting abortion

LifeWatch is a Methodist pro-life group who are trying to get the Methodist Christian Community to remove pro-abortion language from its so-called “Book of Discipline.” Of course, they *could* just read the Early Church Fathers and adopt the true Church.

Switzerland: Plants and animals have more "Rights" than Unborn babies

Interesting anecdote on the American Life League blog

Nicole Flusche at ALL reports the following exchange with a “Barista” at Starbucks:

Nicole: May I have a grande iced caramel mocha please?
Barista: Sure thing. Hey, is your husband the vanilla soy latte?
Nicole: Yes, why?Barista: No reason. It is just that he always comes in. I recognized your bumper stickers, but I have never seen you. Is he okay?
Nicole: He is fine, just has a lot of meetings today.
Barista: Hey, isn’t tomorrow National Pro-life T-shirt Day?
Nicole: Yes it is! (extremely shocked and a little nervous)
Barista: I am so excited! I cannot wait. (turns to whole Starbucks) Hey everyone, it is National Pro-life T-shirt Day tomorrow! Make sure you wear a pro-life shirt!
Nicole: You are so awesome!

It is amazing the responses one gets for bumper stickers. At Christmas time, we were parked outside a department store we don’t normally shop at, but we had a gift certificate. People walked by and stopped. They were puzzled by our “Abortion? The Supreme Court also legalized Slavery!” sticker.

One time last year, we were at Waffle House, and a guy walked in and laughed and said, “Let me guess! You guys are the Catholics with the minivan! Love your bumper stickers!”
A couple months before tat, a guy started honking at me on the road, and pulled up next to me at the stop light. I braced myself to hear I had a flat tire or something. “This Protestant agrees with you!” he yelled, and smiled. (Both obviously in response to “Real Catholics vote Pro-life”)
Then last summer we were at Fazoli’s. I rarely get intimidated in public with the kids, but when there’s a family with a father who looks really “tough”–military fathers in particular.

Well, we were at Fazoli’s, and on one side of the place was a military family–all the guys had crew cuts; father was all “spit and polish”; kids got scolded for the slightest noise or whatever. On the other side was a less “spit and polish” family, but the father was a big guy with a beard.

Anyway, the guy with the beard comes up to me at the soda fountain. “Excuse me,” he says, “I hope you don’t find this rude,” and I’m bracing myself for unsolicited advice on my kids. Then he finishes, “-But is that your minivan out there? I love your bumper stickers!”

Later that same dinner, Mary and I were talking about the then-open field in the Republican primary, and the guy mopping the floor said, “I’m voting for Brownback!”