Daily Archives: April 29, 2008

This man, Rusty Leech (what an appropriate name), a paralytic, claims he now has some feeling in his legs after two months of embryonic stem cell “therapy,” but he can’t walk!

Meanwhile, Jacki Rabon, paralyzed by a 2003 car accident, can now walk because of adult stem cell therapy she received in Portugal. So can Laura Dominguez and Susan Fajt, who also received adult stem cell therapy in Portugal. An exception is Melissa Holley. She has regained bladder control and movement in her limbs thanks to the use of adult immune cells, in a treatment she received in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Here are some others, from the Free Republic:

Paralysis/Spinal Cord Injury – Maria da Graca Pomeceno of Brazil regained her
ability to walk and talk after a bone marrow stem-cell transplant from her
pelvis. 13
Paralysis/Spinal Cord Injury – Treatment using stem cells derived
from umbilical cord blood allow Hwang Mi-Soon of South Korean to walk again with
the aid of a walker. “This is already a miracle for me,” says Mi-Soon. 14