The Holy Father’s beverage of choice

I always love to find out that people I admire for their artistic, intellectual and/or spiritual achievements shares things in common with me in terms of their “regular” lives.

Pope Benedict’s is known for liking things that are German, classy, and/or intellectual (his love for Mozart exemplifying all three).

Thus, when one considers what his favorite drink might be (until recently, I never though to consider what a Pope’s favorite drink was, or even if he had one!), one might think Schnapps, or some kind of lager, or some kind of wine.

But, in fact, the Holy Father rarely drinks alcohol. His favorite drink is, in fact, Fanta Orange!

I never knew that Fanta was a German brand, and, apparently, Fanta Orange in Europe is more like carbonated orange juice than the US version. But the US version has always been one of my favorite sodas, so I’m pleased as punch by the notion, and I went out and bought a carton of Fanta in honor of the B16 Bomber.

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