Daily Archives: April 13, 2008

Obama: Children are a "punishment"

1. Sex education? You mean, “education that seeks to titillate young people and encourage them to fornicate”?
2. Why not teach kids NFP? that would be true “sex education.” I know that even this is controversial in some quarters, but NFP teaches us not only that women are fertile on only certain days, but also that women are less inhibited–and men are more attracted to them–when they are fertile. Teach your daughters NFP and ask them, when they want to go out, what their charts showed. If they’re in Phase II or Peak, don’t let them go out of the house.

It would make them far less likely to even have premarital intercourse.

3. But what Obama is really saying here is that *he* doesn’t want the responsibility of helping a prodigal daughter raise his grandchildren. He’d rather *kill* HIS OWN GRANDCHILD than face social or financial trouble.

Obama: Biggest Mistake was Helping Terri Schiavo

Cause dead people can’t vote, but adulterous murderers can.