Daily Archives: April 10, 2008

Buy Wines and Chocolates for a Good Cause

I just attended a talk by Bill Schneeberger, founder and CEO of BOGO Wines and Two Hearts Hand-Crafted Confections. When he started his own wine business, he decided-as many companies do–to adopt an official cause to “support.” I mean, look at a health foods store–every product “supports” something (usually some radical liberal cause). Look at the Hollywood celebrities. Look at the *regular* store chains and products. These days, everyone has a foundation, cause, etc.

So, after consideration of the issues, he adopted as his cause Adult Stem Cell Research. What he found out, though, was that stores and distributers didn’t want to carry his products because of the fact that the word “stem cell” was on his box package (“Stem cells are controversial”). Finding out the ignorance of most people on the basic issues in this regard (he talks about how most people don’t even know they *have* stem cells!), he now goes around giving presentations on ASCR, and selling his wines and confections to fund his mission.

Give his site a look and order some wine. I’m mostly a teetotaler myself, but I do like to cook with alcohol, and this guy is doing some great work.