Daily Archives: April 9, 2008

"Then shall the eyes of the blind be opened."

Allie: “There’s a bench! I can see it with my own lefteye!”
Eye technician: “I’m not getting a read in eithereye.”Mary: “We keep saying it’s a miracle she sees at all.”
Technician: “It is.”

Pediatrician’s nurse: “I’m gonna go check her vision.”

[They leave the room. I’m holding Josef & can’t catchher in time). “Wait–” I start to say.

Out in the hallway, the poor nurse says, “What letteris this?”

“E,” says Allie, only because she knows “E” is always the top letter.

“What is this?” asks the nurse, coming to the nextline after the big “E”.

Allie: “I have no idea.”

“This one?”

“I have no idea.”

I come out of the exam room. “Sorry; I tried to tellyou before you left the room. She can’t see.”

Nurse: “I guessed” (Earlier, the same poor nurse, after listening toAllie’s heart, got this freaked out expression on herface).

My brother (on the phone): “Didn’t she have eyesurgery already?”

Me: “Yeah, back in Virginia, but it didn’t work.”

Allie (overhearing): “All I got was a blur.”( alittle later)

Me: “They’re doing the right eye on April 24th, and the left eye on May 8th.”

Allie: “What? Why are they operating on my left eye?”

So, on April 24, Allie is going to Dr. Ed Wilson at MUSC for a lensectomy on her right eye.