This article is very frustrating

Knowing how well the media does at translating Vatican documents, and knowing how even the CNS intentionally misquoted the Pontifical Academy for Life when the Vaccine letter came out, I am putting the stupidity of this squarely on the reporters and not on Bishop Gianfranco Girotti.

But every time the Vatican comes out with a statement (e.g., the “Ten Commandments of Driving”) explaining application of Catholic teaching to some new technology or situation, the media act like the Church is somehow “changing” or replacing some old moral teaching.

Like, before it was OK to be obscenely rich, and now, suddenly, it’s not. No, these kinds of teachings are just clarifying the things were Catholics try to make excuses for themselves. Yes, tax evasion is a form of theft. Yes, it’s a sin to horde money (it has never *not* been a sin). In fact, according to the Gospel of Luke, it’s a sin to invest.

Abortion is not a new sin. Abortion has been around forever, and the Church has always opposed it. What is “new” is that society has made abortion a social issue, and, thus, the Vatican must emphasize the moral obligation of Catholics to oppose abortion.

And, again, people have always found drugs to abuse, and the Church has always condemned drug abuse. What’s different now is the international drug trade, and how many “Catholics” in the mafia and the Latin American drug cartels are going to Church on Sunday and profiting off the sale of illegal drugs.

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