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Spiritual Warfare prayer of the day

Quick review, because I don’t have time, but this looks like a cool prayer. We’re gonna do it in a little bit, and I’ll edit this post if i have any kind of detailed review.

But I’ve scanned over the site. It’s from http://www.domestic-church.com/. From a brief perusal, it seems to be a fairly orthodox site, not too “lovey dovey,” not to Charismatic, and not too radTrad, but a balanced resource with different stuff on Catholic parenting.

Dollar Tree Method of Natural Family Planning

Dollar Tree now sells ovulation predictor kits, 1 for $1. That’s a lot cheaper than the $15 they cost when we were first married.

Obviously, one still needs to pay attention to physical signs, but it makes for a more reliable form of NFP. The hardest part of NFP is knowing, for certain, the day on which ovulation occurred. Whether women get “double ovulations” is up for debate, but it is definite that some women have double, or even triple, peaks.

This is a fact downplayed by some NFP teachers, who insist it’s rare. Creighton Method actually admits it’s quite common. Creighton has also taught us about cervical bruising, a post-partum phenomenon which makes NFP challenging.

NFP methods are all based upon identifiying the “peak” days, in terms of signs. In theory, a woman has one “peak,” which is when ovulation occurs. In practice, though, many women have multiple “peaks.” So, the “failure” of NFP usually happens because a woman has double peaks.

The couple abstain until they see the signs of “peak”, and think ovulation has occurred. Of course, NFP instructors advise to never abstain when there’s mucous, but it’s often ahrd to tell what, exactly is mucous versus other fluids. So, if Peak 1 occurs, the couple say, “ovulation!” They wait a few more days, then stop abstaining. Then, the woman has a second “peak” that is actual ovulation.

Using an ovulation predictor kit helps you know when “peak” has occurred. I don’t know how much artificial birth control costs, but, at $1 a kit, ovulation predictor kits cost $30 a month, right?

Just use a kit a day for the first X days of the cycle, until it’s positive, in conjunction with other NFP signs (mucous, etc.). Keep using them a few days till the positive goes away. You know ovulation has gone away. Wait another 48-72 hours for mucous to go away, and you’re home free.

Better yet, on Amazon, you can buy 40 Ovulation tests & 10 pregnancy tests for $25.

Should St. Peter’s in Columbia name a building after Bernardin?

St. Peter’s Catholic Church, the oldest Catholic church in Columbia, is a beautiful, gothic church with a fantastic music program. It’s technically closest to our house (not counting Good Shephered, the Anglican Use Parish that I mentioned below), but it’s also lacking a cry room (they strongly encourage use of the nursery, which, any reader of this blog should know or guess, we oppose). We chose to join St. Joseph’s for a number of reasons, but we still visit St. Peter’s from time to time, about once a month.

Well, Mary went there tonight, and they were having a vote about what to name their new parish hall. The pastor was pushing in favor of Cardinal Bernardin Hall, in favor of the parish’s most famous parishioner/alumn (he grew up there and served as pastor at one point). There are many controversies around Cardinal Bernardin, not the least of which include the allegations against him by several individuals. But he also supported the heretical, pro-abortion group Call to Action and criticized Archbishop Burke for excommunicating them in the Lincoln Diocese (an excommunication which, of course, the Vatican backed up).

Bernardin is also the one who coined the “seamless garment” idea, although some falsely give it a long history in Catholic thought. Many in the pro-life movement argue that the “seamless garment” idea shot the pro-life movement in the foot in the mid-80s by giving liberals an excuse to vote for politicians who were “good on other issues.”

Why don’t we just name buildings after canonized saints?

Please contact St. Peter’s and ask them not to honor a Cardinal whose legacy is one of great scandal.