A New Beginning

I’m back-if I still have any of my former, humble readership.

Last summer, I was kind of crushed by the whole ALL/NRLC/USCCB debacle. Long story short: the “incrementalism” debate, the main division in the pro-life movement, has finally split the movement down the middle, thanks to the Partial Birth Abortion law and _Carhart II_. Judie Brown at American Life League, Fr. Eutenauer at Human Life International and others who take an absolutist stance on abortion have criticized _Gonzalez v. Carhart_ for basically being a blueprint as to how to ignore the partial birth abortion ban. As I will discuss in a separate post, they have been proven right. Also, the verdict explicitly approves of _Roe v. Wade_ and says that abortion otherwise is OK, which goes against the Natural Law and against Catholic social teaching.

However, the NRLC and the USCCB, pushing the “incrementalist” strategy, support the decision. NRLC excommunicated Colorado Right to Life (the only state branch to support the Campaign for Ethical Vaccines) after CRTL, with Brown, Eutenauer, Charles Rice and others as signatories, called on James Dobson of Focus on the Family (not one of my favorite people, anyway), along with NRLC, USCCB & Priests for Life, to change their positions.

Now, I don’t fault Fr. Pavone and PFL, since they support *everything* (although I fault him for endorsing McCain).

Anyway, I thoroughly argued and researched the matter, confirming the rectitude of ALL’s position. There were some other issues messed up in it, and I made a few mistakes for which I am greatly sorry, but it pretty much crushed my spirit for a while.

Meanwhile, I had a very busy semester, anyway, and barely had time to do much else besides work.

But now, I’m back, and hoping to find a way to make this blog more permanent and reliable, and useful.

One of my ideas in August was to revamp it to focus more on spiritual warfare, and I am going to try again, since we’re starting Lent.

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