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Some Good advice on Confession/Sacrament of Reconciliation

Most of it can be heard many places, but she says one thing really neat. Normally, we’re taught to pray to the Holy Spirit to guide *us* in making a good confession. But she suggests praying for the priest, as well, that he be a good confessor, and she says it’s had amazing results.

Now, for a good virtual retreat to help you make a good confession, I strongly suggest Fr. John Corapi, SOLT’s Mercy! DVD set, including his conversion story, “Why does God allow Pain and Suffering,” “How to Make a Good Confession,” and “The Spiritual Roots of Addiction.” That set is the best value, but you can also get “Mercy!” on CD, or you can get the four episodes individually on video cassette (linked above).

If you are battling depression, addiction, or sin, or if you’ve been away from the Church a while and are coming back, Fr. Corapi’s talks can be a very powerful help, especially if you listen to them in conjunction with doing the Spiritual Exercises, which I will be posting for thirty days, starting today.

Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, Annotations

This is the introduction to the Spiritual Exercises. Read this the day before you officially begin. The link above is for Christian Classics Ethereal Library (great website): May require login.

Otherwise, here’s the whole thing.