An excellent column from Judie Brown on the fight over the Gonzalez v. Carhart decision, and how the Colorado Right to Life ad was not an “attack” on James Dobson, but a “wake up call”:

Mrs. Thatcher once reminded her countrymen that when consensus among a
particular group of people becomes more important than the principles upon which
that group of people claims to stand, “abandoning all beliefs, principles,
values and policies” is the result. Such appears to be the case among those who
have for so long supported a politically-motivated effort that has resulted in
nothing of substance.

And here’s what Dr. Alan Keyes had to say about it:

I am of course not surprised or dismayed that there should be disagreement
among pro-lifers. I have been deeply disappointed, however, that instead of
answering the lucid arguments being made by people like Judie Brown and myself,
the Gonzales v. Carhart cheering section has chosen petty maneuvers and power
plays aimed at damaging or silencing their critics.

Now, the same can be said of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


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