This is interesting

Turns out that noted Canon Lawyer Pete Vere has been doing some research I’ve long wanted to do: on the historical link between contraception and witchcraft. Consider this case: last year, pro-choice “Catholic” Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia, pardoned VA’s only “convicted witch.”

What’s interesting about this case, though, is what she was accused of. She was a midwife, and she was accused of causing women to have miscarriages. In other words, she was an abortionist!

I’ve seen other things over the years tying historical witchcraft cases to contraception, and I’ve seen references in early Christian literature. What makes Mr. Vere’s study interesting is that he shows how many of the biblical references to “witchcraft” really pertain to “potions,” and are listed among sexual sins, implying contraception.


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  1. Hi John, thanks for the kind words. I must apologize. I was away this week, working on a case. I got back and went to answer your email only to discover I had accidentally misplaced it. Would love to touch base over this issue.

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