ALL, HLI, Alan Keyes vs. Focus on the Family, NRLC and USCCB

Apparently, the long-standing rift between “incrementalists” and pro-life absolutists like yours truly has hit a head.

My own respones to the recent Gonzales v. Carhart decision were mixed. I agree with Judie Brown and Fr. Euteneuer, as I do on most issues, that there are dangerous flaws in this decision, in some sense throwing a bone to pro-lifers. The president has said, many times that he has no intention of overturning _Roe v. Wade_, and Alito and Roberts have made similar assurances. I also agree that it is unwise to *applaud* a decision that basically says to the pro-abortionists, “You went about your case the wrong way; here’s the way to fix it.”
On the other hand, the case *does* establish certain precedents that could undermine _Roe_. But the problem is that it still vociferously affirms _Roe_, and the lack of rights of the fetus. So to applaud that decision, as various pro-life groups have done, is scandalous to the cause.

So, Colorado Right to Life wrote an open letter to Focus on the Family, criticizing Dr. Dobson for his position on Carhart (2007). I’m no fan of Dr. Dobson. I *am* a big fan of CRTL, which was, until recently, the only state branch of NRLC that actively supports the campaign for ethical vaccines.

I say “until recently,” because NRLC has ousted CRTL for writing this letter.

Now, I am informed that Michael Moses, a lawyer for the USCCB, an organization known for following its lawyers, accountants and PR hacks above the Gospel, has issued orders to Diocesan leaders to ostracise ALL and HLI for their participation in this Open Letter. They’ve accused Judie Brown and Fr. Eutenauer of “causing scandal.”

So, it’s not scandalous, according to the USCCB for politicians to *support* abortion on demand, but it *is* scandalous for orthodox Catholics to call their bishops on the carpet for comprosing with evil? If Jesus were walking around today, the USCCB would accuse Him of causing scandal. Oh, wait! That’s just what the Sanhedrin and Pontius Pilate accused Jesus of!

And let’s not forget that the USCCB, through its liturgical spokesman Donald Trautman, accuses the Vatican of causing scandal by requiring the use of some Latin at every Mass and requiring that translations of the Mass be taken literally from Latin, using the official theological terminology.


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