New Swiss bishop sounds great; his flock needs serious conversion

Apparently, Swiss Catholics are as full of holes as their cheese, since they refer to anyone who actually upholds church teachings as “ultraconservative.”

You could say that Swiss laity are downright cuckoo.

In any case, this article refers to the allged “right of women to become priests.”

It used to be that the only “rights” were “life, liberty and property.” Now, the right to life is almost non-existent, but anything people *want* is considered a “right”: right to privacy, right to socialized health care, right to socialized education, right to fornicate without any worldly consequences, and so on.

No one has a “right” to be a priest. Men certainly do not have that “right.” Men are “eligible” to be selected for the priesthood, but the Church has the right to reject them. Being ordained is a privilege, and while the Church has often selected the wrong people for this privilege, or perhaps rejected some who may have been great priests, we must remember that Jesus ordained Judas to the priesthood.

There are two categories of “rights.” There are “human rights,” unalienable rights given to us by God and His Natural Law in virtue of our being human, and then there are “civil rights,” which are given to citizens by their governments in virtue of being citizens. While the natural law provides guidelines about what should or should not be civil rights, there is no mandate in the Natural Law for society to grant them.

Eligibility for the priesthood is the purview of the Catholic Church. Even setting aside God’s role in things, if it is to be called a “right,” it is, at best, a civil right. And only the government of the Catholic Church has the “right” to declare what is or is not a “civil right” in the Church.


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