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Scottish School: Pornography is OK; saying "abortion is murder" is offensive

Usual pro-life teacher controversy: a pro-life student, in this case a girl who just gave birth, wore a pro-life t-shirt on casual day. School said it was “offensive,” even though students wore plenty of truly offensive t-shirts.

The school is Banff Academy in Aberdeen, Scotland.

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Dear Administrators of Banff Academy,

When I hear stories coming out of the UK such as your school’s treatment of Sarah Scott, it makes me so proud that we have the First Amendment here in the US.

Now, I don’t really think students should be wearing t-shirts to school, anyway. The only times I ever wore t-shirts to school were souvenir shirts after vacations, and usually over my usual school clothes.

But to see a pro-life singled out when other students were allowed to wear t-shirts advocating pornography, rock bands and other “offensive” topics, I cannot see the consistency.

How is it “offensive” in a school environment to state a simple fact of biology and of natural law that abortion is murder?

Anyone with a brain can know that. Only middle-aged hippies who killed their brain cells with the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, marijuana and LSD, then killed their own children with the Birth Control Pill can possibly think otherwise.

Thank you for showing that things haven’t changed much in the UK since the days of Henry VIII and Bloody Elizabeth.


John C. Hathaway
The Lewis Crusade