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Dr. Death gets out of prison; vows to continue his "art"

Kevorkian, released from prison for “good behavior,” says he is going to work on his art and his writing. In this painting, “Nearer, My God, To Thee,” he at least admits that his god is in Hell.

You know, for centuries people understood that art was supposed to be the depiction of order, harmonia, honoring the God of this orderly universe by depicting him, that good art-no matter who its creator was–always honors God and can be considered an act of worship. Bach, for example, insisted that every piece he wrote was a prayer.

Modernity threw out that idea. Now have postmodernity. When Christians say, “That’s devil music,” or “that’s satanic art,” we’re ridiculed. Yet then someone like Jack Kevorkian or Seung-Hui Cho is shown to bring post-modern art to its perfection, and the cultural elites scratch their heads in bewilderment (well, maybe at Cho). Even Stephen King admits the fine line between his craft and Cho’s, insisting that the main difference is the violent writer’s regular personality. However, the real difference, which King falls just short of, is moral imagination.

That is the continuum of my own thought and work, and the topics I include on this blog, even though it is primarily a pro-life issues blog: we are fighting a Culture of Death, a Culture of Satan. In many ways, abortion and contraception are symptoms of a nihilistic culture.

Film about abortion wins at Cannes

When it comes to expressing his views of church values, Roman Catholic
Archbishop Raymond Burke has a habit of making headlines, not always to the
satisfaction of his flock.

In other words, he’s orthodox.

Who ever said the “flock” had to be “satisfied”?? Jesus never said, “I will make you satisfied.” He said, “Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Me.”

More resign from Amnesty International over its support of abortion