OT: International Affairs

Slightly off topic to this blog, but related loosely in terms of spiritual warfare issues and the “Why do they hate” us question (with its various answers including our moral decadence), one of Mark Shea’s readers sent him the following passage:

The warring nations are jealous of America and bitter against her for her neutrality. Americans are snubbed and insulted everywhere in Europe and even in Australia. The best intentions of our President and his own personality are ridiculed–so blind are the poor people in respect to the real issues of the war.

The quotation came from Charles Taze Russell of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, regarding World War I. Now, Shea discusses it in regard to apocalypticism (hence relevance to spiritual warfare), but I notice something else.

“The warrning nations are jealous of America and bitter against her for her neutrality.”

Nowadays, those on the Left, along with the Libertarians and Washingtonian conservatives, try to say that international anti-Americanism is due to our “imperialism.” This was of course made a national issue a few days ago by Ron Paul’s statement at the Presidential Debate in Columbia, SC.

Yet, here we have a quotation from the days when the Monroe Doctrine was in effect, about foreigners condemning America for non-intervention.

Just goes to show that anti-Americanism is really about our system of government and not about any particular policy. Liberal foreigners hate us for our conservatism; conservative foreigners hate us for our liberalism. Whether or not we intervene in foreign problems, we’re blamed for meddling too much or not doing enough. What it all boils down to is that they’re envious of our Republic and how well it actually functions.


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