Christina Blizzard, aptly-named Canadian airhead

Earlier, I blogged a column that Mark Shea linked to about Canadian Premier McGuinty’s McGuilty conscience. I also wrote directly to the columnist, Christina Blizzard. Here’s what I said:

You and Mr. McGuinty miss two important points. First, abortion is evil,period. That is not just a Catholic teaching. It is a tenet of the NaturalLaw (see, for example, the Hippocratic Oath). If Mr. McGuinty truly servedall the people of Canada, he would help those innocent children that arebeing slaughtered in abortuaries and IVF clinics.
At least he gets one thing straight: he and the Pope have different”constituencies.” The Pope’s “constituency” are those who actually followJesus Christ and His Church. That is the same Jesus Christ who said, “Whatdoes it profit a man to gain the world and lose his very soul in theprocess?”

This is not about Canadian or US politics, as such. This is about the Body,Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ in the blessed Sacrament. Thosewho favor legalized abortion are in a state of objective mortal sin.Politicians who support pro-abortion legislation are enabling others to haveabortions, which warrants automatic excommunications under Canon Law.

By receiving Communion, they are commiting an act of sacrilege, just likeeveryone else who goes to Communion in a state of mortal sin. By going toCommunion in a public state of defiance of Church teaching, they also committhe sin of scandal, which also warrants excommunication (if only suchexcommunications were applied to the liberal, pro-feminist, pro-homosexualbishops who’ve been sheltering gay priests accused of sexual molestation).After all, people like Premier McGuinty teach other Catholics that it’s “OK”to be “pro-choice,” and it’s not.

And, yes, the same goes for “same sex marriage,” which is ontologically impossible, since people of the same sex cannot have sexual relations. Theycan engage in acts of mutual masturbation, but sexual relations are onlypossible when there are two sexual organs that can relate to one another.Satanic regimes always try to redefine reality.

The American South tried todeny humanity to African Americans; the Nazis denied humanity to Jews. Modern day “liberals” deny humanity to the unborn and try to
redefine reality by saying it’s possible for people of the same gender to have sexual relations.

And, no, the Pope is not barring Catholics from public life. He’s juststating the age-old position of the Church that Catholics *must* engage inpublic life and *must* do so by upholding the dictates of the natural law.

Notice how I emphasized natural law, not “religion,” and how I noted that it the religious side is entirely within the Church and not a matter of politics. In other words, Catholic politicians have a duty to enforce the Natural Law, but they do not necessarily have a duty to require a national Sabbath day or ban the sale of meat on Fridays (although both things would be kind of nice). They *do* have an obligation to legislate against intrinsic moral evils like abortion and homosexual behavior.

They *do* have an obligation not to compromise their purported religious beliefs for the sake of power.

On the other hand, the Church has every right to determine who is welcome or unwelcome at the Altar. This is not particularly a political issue. After all, it applies to anyone who publicly endorses legalized abortion, regardless of being a political official or not. It also applies to everyone who publicly “lives in sin” or publicly proclaims the kinds of ideas expressed in The Da Vinci Code.

Well, impressively, this lady replied. I was expecting some sort of vitriolic spew of insults. Instead, her only response to my e-mail was:

From Christina Blizzard

Sent Friday, May 18, 2007
11:59 am
To John and Mary Hathaway

Subject RE: Your article on
the Premier and the Pope

You can’t mix politics and religion.

Christina Blizzard
Queen’s Park Columnist
Sun Media


Where did I say any such thing? And, more importantly, who says you can’t mix politics and religion? In my reply, I asked her what deity she worshipped that decreed such a thing?


2 responses to “Christina Blizzard, aptly-named Canadian airhead

  1. “And, yes, the same goes for “same sex marriage,” which is ontologically impossible, since people of the same sex cannot have sexual relations. Theycan engage in acts of mutual masturbation, but sexual relations are onlypossible when there are two sexual organs that can relate to one another.”

    Um. Yeah.

    Keep telling yourself that. Over and over. It might help if you plug your ears an close your eyes too.

    Sweet, sweet denial, how I have missed thee.

  2. John C. Hathaway

    It’s nice to have a comment, but it would also be nice if you contributed an actual argument.

    The fact that all you can do is engage in insults merely shows that there is no philosophical defense of the “same sex” movement other than, “Let us do what we feel like doing.”

    I don’t know what you mean by covering my ears and plugging my eyes. I read _And the Band Played On_ in graduate school, and even my lesbian professor expressed disgust at some of the things male homosexuals do.

    But none of them, by definition, can be considered “sexual” intercourse, which means intercourse between reproductive sexual organs. That is only possible between a man and a woman.

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