Daily Archives: May 9, 2007

Children are bad for the environment, but estrogen pollution isn’t

There have always been two major issues in the overpopulation myth: poverty and environmentalism.

So it should really be news that some British think tank, especially one called the “Optimum Population Trust,” argues that children are a threat to the environment and that large families are among the worst sources of “Global Warming.” You know, you’d think these people would *want* to win support from conservatives, but they do everything they can to alienate us.

First of all, as I’ve discussed previously, the whole “large families hurt the environment” thing is just contrary to fact. The kinds of families who have lots of kids tend to be more economically challenged (interesting thought that just came to me: we always hear that “wealthier people have less kids,” but isn’t really that “people who have less kids end up wealthier”?). So they live in smaller houses. Because of budgets, coordinating so many family members and certain counter-cultural ideas, large families tend not to “do” as much as other families. They don’t have as many gadgets, generally speaking (for which they’re criticized). They tend to stay home and do “family stuff” instead of going out all the time (again, they’re labeled anti-social freaks).

Meanwhile, they’re also usually concerned about the environment to varying degrees. First, Catholics believe in stewardship of God’s resources. Large families usually live on tight budgets, so “reduce, reuse, recycle” is as much an economic principle as environmental: in that sense, it goes back for thousands of years. People with large families usually have a certain “naturalism” going on (e.g., “natural family planning,” “natural childbirth,” etc.) which includes concern for the environment, concern about nutrition, and so forth. In short, there are a lot of commonalities, and you would think that the environmentalist movement would want to get more conservative Catholics under their wing. Instead, they do everything they can to alienate conservatives, showing that, like all liberals, they really don’t care about what they claim to.

And further proving the hypocrisy is that estrogen pollution is becoming a huge ecological problem, and has been reported for several years now, but the mainstream media and the so-called “environmentalists” never touch the subject. Domenico Bettinelli says it very well.