Sheryl Crow Eats Crow

Just the other day, I was reading anti-Catholic, anti-life, pro-hedonism (unless it’s rich Republican hedonism) hypocrite Rosie O’Donnell praising Sheryl Crow for “telling off” Karl Rove at a charity event.

Now, Archbishop Raymond Burke, a bishop who actually does his job, has resigned as chairman of the board of governors of the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Foundation, because Sheryl Crow is scheduled to be performing there.

Let’s see here, Sheryl Crow is one of the demon-worshippers of Lilith Fair.

She is a rabid pro-abortionist.

She supports embryonic stem cell research.

Her signature song is about laziness and hedonism and looking down on those poor slobs who have to actually work for a living.

Yet she thinks we use too much toilet paper. Oh, and she’s burning all sorts of gas travelling around the country trying to tell college students about globall warming (as if they don’t already hear about it from all their professors, campus “newspapers”, etc.).

So, what exactly is the problem here?

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