In other news, I’m a step closer to "legitimacy"

About a month and a half ago, I discovered Holy Apostles College and Seminary, thanks to a directory of Catholic distance learning that the USCCB established recently. Holy Apostles is regionally accredited. Tuition is only $750 per class (not only far cheaper than most Catholic colleges but cheaper than most state universities). Best of all, they offer online graduate classes in philosophy and theology, leading to an MA in either subject!
The lectures are recordings from Ralph McInerny’s “International Catholic University” series. In January, I’m taking Thomas Aquinas (lecture series by McInerny) and Sexual Ethics (lecture series by Janet Smith). The rest of class is conducted through turning in assignments online and through online threaded discussions.

So, even if I can’t get into a Ph.D. program within the next 2 years, I’ll be able to garner a second and third MA, in philosophy and theology, specifically, building my “street cred” in the fields of ethics and spirituality. And from a practical professional standpoint, as soon as I hit 18 hours (already have 3 hours in graduate Religious Studies), I will be able to teach a second subject beyond English, giving me a better chance of a full-time instructorship at a teaching college.

One response to “In other news, I’m a step closer to "legitimacy"

  1. Great — go for it!

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