Daily Archives: December 6, 2006

Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus

Shifting from Advent hymns whose content applies to other occasions (or vice versa), let’s look at an Advent hymn with a reusable melody.
“Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus” is in the popular 87.87.D metre (the same as, among others, “Ode to Joy,” “Pleading Savior,” “Nettleton,” “Austria“). Thus, it is often sung to the tune “Hyfrydol,” usually identified with “Alleluia, Sing to Jesus,” although its “official” setting is “Stuttgart,” which is really 87.87.

Thus, it’s a good one to select if you want to use a familiar melody with Advent lyrics.

Advent is a time of hope. It’s about realizing the reality of our exile–in its many forms–and praying for God’s deliverance, *knowing* that deliverance will come eventually. But we must be patient, just as humanity waited patiently for Christ to come for tens of thousands of years.

These days, of course, we pray for Christ to deliver His people from the Culture of Death, but that was the same prayer of Israel in Egypt, Israel in Babylon and Judea under the Roman Empire.