Stem Cell Researcher: Stem Cells provide evidence for Genesis against Darwin!

Here’s a different take on the whole issue of stem cell research.

An anonymous stem cell researcher has contributed the column linked above to LifeSite News with the following argument:

1. What makes stem cells so great to scientists is that they are virtually immortal. Scientists even call them “immortal cells.”
2. We all have stem cells our entire lives, except young embryos are composed entirely of stem cells.
3. According to Darwinism, the best genetic traits randomly survive. You would think immortality would be a pretty darn good trait to have, right? If all our cells were stem cells, we would heal and regenerate much more quickly, and we would be virtually immortal.
4. So, from a Darwinist perspect, a human being ought to have evolved at this point that was 100% stem cell. That has not happened.
5. However, Genesis says God created us to be immortal, and we lost that immortality (we devolved, in fact).

That would be in keeping with the fact that we all *have* stem cells but they are extremely limited.

That has some interesting theological implications. The definitive “moment” for Christ was the Resurrection. That set Him apart from all other prophets and moral lawgivers before Him. It was the myrical that Pharoahs’ magicians could never mimic.

Yet what would happen if modern science *did* learn to mimic it? That claim would, of course, supplant the foundational princple of Christianity , which is that only Jesus can raise the dead. As soona s some mad scieentist can offer immortality through science, you will have the era of AntiChrist.

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