From the Country that brought you Henry VIII and Elizabeth I

The latest stage in the British Euthanasia Saga is that the Lord Chancellor of England has threatened prison to doctors who conscientiously object to euthanasia. Bring it on, Whore of Babylon! Martyrs are just what Christianity in the West needs these days, and throwing us in jail is a good starting point.

Paraphrasing Byzantine Emperor Manuel II, “Show me just what Anglicanism brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as divorce, contraception, homosexuality and euthanasia.”

Speaking of Episcopalians and Muslims, you know how, when someone suggests that Islam is a violent religion, indignant Muslims respond by blowing things up? Well, something similar is going on right now with Episcopalians. Domenico Bettnelli recently posted on how the head bishopess of the ECUSA, Katherine Jefferts Schori, said that Episcopalians contracept because they’re smarter than everyone else, implying that Catholics are stupid (cf. Bettnet).

Well, indignant at his take on her statement, high-thinking Episcopalians have responded by calling Bettinelli an ignorant Catholic.

I think that’s just hilarious.

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