Daily Archives: November 14, 2006

Stand Up!

Ironically, _VeggieTales: Gideon_ came out this weekend, and it’s one of their most outspokenly Christian videos yet. For one thing, it actually mentions the name of Christ, a couple times, which has previously only occurred in the Christmas and Easter episodes, and a QWERTY verse or two. Also, when _Sumo of the Opera_ came out, we wondered how the Protestants would react to the St. Patrick story. Apparently, they’re trying to make amends by telling the story of a Protestant “saint” (fair enough) and mentioning Billy Graham.

Anyway, it’s a story about how you should trust God, despite whatever obstacles seem to be in your way, do His will, and He’ll provide. Kind of the same thing Bl. John XXIII says in Mater et Magistra: “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all this will be added.”

Meanwhile, self-professed “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi says one of her top priorities when she becomes Speaker of the House will be funding for ESCR. I’ve been attending the 7:30 PM daily Mass for St. Raymond’s in Fairfax, VA. The celebrant is a very amazing priest named Fr. Joseph Okech, A.J., whose recurring theme is our need to trust God completely and give up all our human hang-ups.

Oh, in other news, while writing this post, I wandered over to Phil Vischer’s website, and it turns out that NBC has loosened up, thanks to all the protests, and the last few episodes of _VeggieTales_ made it uncensored. However, I stand by my post below regarding advertising. Back when our kids watched “Nick Jr. on CBS,” Allie got to know which advertisements were inappropriate and would turn them off (that said, she still insists we need to buy a KIA minivan).