I’m originally from Pennsylvania. The late Gov. Robert Casey is one of my heroes, and I pray for his intercession in the pro-life cause. Other pro-life heroes from PA include the late Sen. John Heinz and current Sen. Rick Santorum. PA is also home to a number of great Satanists, including Arlen Specter, Tom Ridge, Eleanor Smeal and Joan Chittister.

Now, Pennsylvania is the center of a huge battle. The son of one of the politicians who did the most to advance the pro-life cause is now trying to unseat the Senator with the best pro-life voting record.

While Santorum’s own creds have been called into question by such moves as his support for Arlen Specter, Bob Casey, Jr., is certainly no better, given his campaign started with an alliance with former opponent Ed Rendell. The Catholic League has called Casey on the carpet for taking money from anti-life, anti-Catholic MoveOn.org.

That led me to research Bob Casey, Jr.’s politics. This “pro-lifer” is actually a eugenicist. Unlike his father, he favors artificial contraception. He also opposes school choice–yet Canon Law requires Catholics in democratic countries to see to it that their governments favor religious education. He favors adoption by homosexual “couples”. He supports economic rights for those who live in fornication.

This man is no Catholic. He is no pro-lifer.

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  1. 1. What do you mean by “school choice,” and can you please cite and quote the canon law you referenced?
    2. What evidence do you have that the people you call Satanists really worship Satan? They seem more like misled secularists to me.

  2. John C. Hathaway

    Thank you for your replies, though I mistrust anonymous posts.

    1a. School choice is government giving parents money to send their kids to the schools they choose, whether public, private or religious.

    1b. Can. 793 §2 Parents have moreover the right to avail themselves of that assistance from civil society which they need to provide a catholic education for their children

    And, more overtly:
    Can. 797 Parents must have a real freedom in their choice of schools. For this reason Christ’s faithful must be watchful that the civil society acknowledges this freedom of parents and, in accordance with the requirements of distributive justice, even provides them with assistance.
    [emphasis added]
    2. There is no such thing as a “misled secularist.” One either serves God or Satan, period. These people serve Satan.

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