Daily Archives: June 14, 2006

Liberal double-standards

A few days ago, this story came out. A teacher in an Ursuline school in Delaware was fired in 2003 for being openly pro-abortion. Interestingly, my search turned up an article about it from NARAL in which they are horrified at this outrage and injustice. . . . Like these people have the right to be outraged at anything. Now, what’s interesting is that this woman was very open that she signed the public pro-abortion letter precisely because she knew it would get her fired from the Catholic school, and she wanted to pick a fight (what I’d always suspected Marie Bain of doing).

Now, that of course got me wondering if there was any news about San Francisco’s beloved pro-abortion “martyr”. So I checked on Katelyn Sills’ site, and sure enough, here it is. Apparently, Marie Bain, who insists she is a “private” person despite being a professional (albeit fourth-rate) actress and teacher (two very public professions), is now doing a one-woman autobiographical show to talk about her experiences both at Planned Parenthood and at Loreto High School.

She and a very “objective” reporter go back and forth in a round of such feminist repartee that I lose track of who’s saying what. Basically, anyone who’s pro-life is a hate-filled extremist. These people are wonderful, sensitive people. The hate-filled anti-abortion extremists are running the country (yeah, right) because we’ve successfully polarized it (divide and conquer). She says her biggest discovery is how many Catholics are actually “tolerant” (you see, in the old days, we called such people heretics) and it’s just the “conservative strain” of Catholicism that’s at fault.
It’s interesting how non-judgemental, “tolerant,” “open-minded” liberals love to pass judgements *without establishing any foundations for their judgements*. In their minds, all they need to do is label us “hate-filled,” and poof! We are. They label us “extremists,” and Poof! We are. They know for certain that their empty-headed, pot-smoking readers will take anything they say as Gospel truth. They provide no foundations for their judgments or their statements, no logic.
Meanwhile, we call them “baby killers,” and justify our position with syllogisms, and we’re (of course) engaging in hate speech:
Unborn babies (fetuses, if you like, although it should be foetae) are alive.
Abortion ends the life of an unborn baby.
Killing is defined as taking the life of a living thing.
Therefore, someone who participates in abortion is killing a baby. Ergo, “Baby-killer.”

Anyway, either Marie Bain and/or the reporter (again, the reporter engages in so much commentary, I can’t tell who’s opinion is being expressed) is shocked that these narrow-minded, conservative Catholics are unaware of federal Equal Opportunity laws.
Guess what? We’re not the ignorant ones. EEOC allows discrimination on the basis of religion *if* the religion is part of the job. I used to work for a Catholic school that made me sign a contract saying something like, “I know that understanding of and reverence for Catholic teaching are necessary job requirements of this position. I cannot sue under Equal Opportunity laws if I fail to meet this requirement.” And while it was not in writing, the same was stated clearly by the other Catholic high school I worked for. I also see it all the time in job descriptions for Catholic schools, newspapers, etc.

Thus the decision above is all the more vindicating. It also makes it all the more discouraging that the cowards at Loreto settled out of court. Shows how much they really care about upholding the Catholic faith.

BTW, Marie Bain and those like her claim no culpability for what goes on after they escort the people to Planned Parenthood. If Don Corleone orders a driver to take Neal the Squealer for “a little ride”, and the driver knows what Don Corleone intends by that statement, isn’t the driver morally responsible (if not legally) for escorting the person Neal to his place of demise?

Another thought, which I posted on Katelyn’s blog. The Liberals tell us that Pius XII did not speak harshly or publicly enough in condemning the Nazis for the Holocaust (regardless of whether their claim has any basis in fact; liberals never need a basis in logic or facts). OK. So, what would Pope Pius have said, hypothetically?“Listen, Hitler, you are killing millions of people, and it’s wrong, and it has to stop.”Yet when pro-lifers say the same thing to abortionists, we’re engaging in hate speech.

Go figure.

Lastly, speaking of double standards (and liberals’ ideas of the Gospel), I almost laughed out of my seat at the obvious bias of this article.

Ann Coulter is “acid-tongued,” but George Carlin is “quick-witted.” Carlin’s main credit in the article is being a voice in the movie _Cars_ (never mind a stand-up comic noted for scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of taste and decency). Then it goes on to three paragraphs explaining why Ann Coulter is “controversial” with no reference to what makes Carlin so.