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The true background of Marie Bain.

So, the situation in Sacramento is becoming quite a big to-do. . . . It has far more to do with the proper identity of a Catholic school than anything else. Anyway, people are painting the Sills family as evil anti-abortion activists who have harmed the “Loretto Community.”
What I keep asking is, “Who is Marie Bain?”
A Google search is difficult, as a) her name is the inversion of a cooking term and b) most hits were merely articles about this case. However, I did find two links to her acting credits.
The argument goes that Sr. Helen Timothy couldn’t have known about Bain’s volunteer work at Eugenics ‘R’ Us. Well here are two very digusting credits on her acting resume, either one of which shoudl have been enough to pass it over.

Here is a link to her bio on some bizarre independent movie she starred in. Was this on her resume? If I were a Catholic school principle, I’d have never hired her for that one alone.

Another of her credits is the “Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble”. If the name doesn’t speak volumes, the play she starred in was a morally ambiguous version of a Greek tragedy with “no real villains.”