My question is answered

Bain, whose attorney is drafting a wrongful termination lawsuit, said she would not comment on Loretto’s decision to expel the family. But she said: “It’s a shame the school is being hurt by this when they didn’t go looking for trouble in the first place. It’s a wonderful school.”

(NOTE: I got the quote from a post on Katelyn’s blog; the Sacbee requires login).
So Marie Bains, radical abortion activist, thinks Loretto is a “wonderful school.” I’ve been asking why she would want to be involved in a Catholic high school. Some have suggested it’s merely because she needed a job. Perhaps, but still. I have been desperately in need of work, but I’ve never hidden the Catholic and pro-life aspects of my resume. No matter how desperate I’ve been for employment, there are some places I would never work.

Maybe she just doesn’t even have the courage of her own convictions.
But it seemed to me it had to be one of two things: either she intentionally infiltrated the school or the school presents an image, a culture, a curriculum, that a radical feminist thinks is “wonderful.”

My post below gives demonstrable evidence that was available to Sr. Timothy regarding her background at the time of hiring.

So, what do we have:
1. A radical feminist actress/”drama teacher” who thinks Loretto is a “wonderful school.”
2. Loretto students who think that Loretto is “wonderful” for teaching them to be “free thinkers” and “form their own opinions” on issues like abortion and contraception. They throw out “Karma” left and right. They think that the Mass is “dead” without their creativity. And we have a few comments from orthodox Loretto alumnae who value the school, yet still admit that the school’s leadership does not believe in obedience to the Magisterium.
3. A nun who would hire someone with Bain’s credentials to teach at a school. A religious order that welcomed Sr. Jeanine Gramick after she was censured by both the Vatican and her original Order. When ordered to fire radical feminist drama teacher, nun does so “reluctantly.”
4. Religion teachers passing out info on Planned Parenthood under the guise of “abuse counseling.” Posters saying “women can be all they want to be” and showing witches.
5. A family of conservative Catholics who are pro-life activists who “don’t fit in,” whose presence is “threatening” and “disruptive.”

Connect the dots.


2 responses to “My question is answered

  1. I almost feel sorry for some of the Loretto kids who are commenting. Their parents don’t seem to be guiding them in any kind of Catholic direction. They don’t have much in the way of reasoning skills either. Sad.

  2. The support you see on Katelyn’s blog for abortion and contraception stems from pride… plain and simple. This vice is instilled at home and reinforced at school, dressed up as a virtue. How many have commented that Loretto is a school that encourages one to find one’s own opinion? Never once is it mentioned by Katelyn’s detractors that our faith is one of obedience. They haven’t a clue.

    But it is no surprise that these heterodox ideas are taught (by example) at home. The parents of most of these girls are at most 50 (in my estimation, mine are mid 50’s while I am 28 yrs. old). I know my parents were at the end of the Baltimore chatechism era of chatechesis. They also received shoddy instruction on marital sexual morality. Being the parents of these girls are almost certainly younger than mine, it goes without saying the their parents also received shoddy chatechesis, if any at all.

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