Talk about somebody who needs to be disciplined under _Ex Corde Ecclesiae_

In a recent discussion, my interlocutor mentioned this person, Prof. Maguire of Marquette University, as an authority on abortion. In the context, I had said that Marie Bain is a murderess, because of her work as an abortion escort (transporting a person to an abortion is listed in The Code of Canon Law as one of the acts bearing the guilt of the abortion, and anyone who knows what Planned Parenthood escorts really do should have no doubt of their complicity). Anyway, my interlocutor offered up Prof. Maguire as an expert to the effect that participation in aborion is not murder.
So, let’s start with this guy’s credentials:
He is the author of Sacred Choices: The Right to Contraception and Abortion in Ten World Religions, Fortress Press, 2001.
Even the title is Satanically repulsive.
One of his articles is “The Freedom to Die.”
Of his many honors, he was listed by Ms. Magazine as one of the “40 male heroes of the past decade, men who took chances and made a difference”, 1982.
That is definitely an honor for a Catholic scholar! Yeah, right!
In this article, this esteemed “moral theologian” does nothing but talk statistics, psychology and Kinsey(!) Like most heretics, he contains a few grains of truth, but this article is a Satanic mockery of _The Theology of the Body_. Yes, sex is a kind of liturgy–that’s why God has given us strict rules for how to do it and under what circumstances. Of course, he apparently does not believe in Transubstantiation, as he speaks of “food symbols.” He “blames” Christianity for the “repression” of sexual desires, “misunderstanding” of women’s sexuality, etc. It’s amazing that rehashed tripe like this is considered scholarly publication.

He seems to have a thing against putting Bibles in hotels, as in one article he says they should be replaced by condoms, and in this article, he just throws them out as an example of hypocrisy. And, now, the following quotation alone ought to get him fired from Marquette and stripped of his license to teach Sacred Theology in the Catholic Church:

He didn’t die to “atone for our sins,” a lousy piece of theology gorily indulged in Mel Gibson’s blood bath. He died resisting an empire that was stomping on the poor, militarily and economically.

God’s great, loving Sacrifice of Himself reduced to a political gesture?

In this post, he gets right to the point of the Lewis Crusade, saying it’s “pro-life” to have an abortion rather than allow your child to be deformed by medical treatments, or to kill the baby if the mother’s health is at risk.
His hypotheticals can be found in any letter to the editor, and his simple” What would *you* do?” is so infantile, I can’t even believe this person has a doctorate.

And in this one, he denies the “personhood” of the fetus. What a great guy!

8 responses to “Talk about somebody who needs to be disciplined under _Ex Corde Ecclesiae_

  1. You know what`s really funny? You use exactly the same blog template as “I`m Not Sorry.”

    It`s funny because obviously, your point of view could not be more different.

  2. John C. Hathaway

    Thanks for the halfways relevant response (although it’s really just spam for another site).
    Why is it that so-called “pro-choicers” think we don’t acknowledge the “existence” of “other opinions”?
    Objecting to a viewpoint is not the same as denying it exists. For too many people, “I believe this is true” is equal to “It’s true, because I believe it.”

    People who are enslaved to sin often believe their experiences are “positive.”

    I recently heard a talk by Marcus Grodi, a convert to Catholicism, who said that once, when he was a Protestant minister, a lady walked up and said, “WHy should I listen to you? You don’t even know how to tie your shoes!”
    And he looked down, and realized that his shoelaces were crooked, while everyone else’s shoelaces were straight.

    He said it was at that moment he realized you can do something one way your whole life, and just think everything’s fine, but suddenly realize you’re doing it wrong.

  3. John C. Hathaway

    And what’s so funny? I just chose the most straightfoward template Blogspot has. I have poor vision, so I like screens with bright text on a dark background.

    Also, my “point of view” is how legalized abortion is an assault against people who are physically “inferior,” against people who choose to have large families, and against women who suffer miscarriages.

    The posts on that site say it’s “positive” to kill “defective” babies. They criticize people with large families. They think abortion is a wonderful thing, and it’s great to lose a baby.

    So really they’re just proving my point regarding pro-abortionists’ attitudes.

  4. Hmmmmm, I`m not sure the commenters on “I`m Not Sorry” all think abortion is a wonderful thing — in fact, many do not. But you`re right, some of them really do hate babies. I read “I`m Not Sorry” from time to time, and I clicked on your homepage from the Loretto teacher comment thread, and it was jarring to see what I think of as the familiar pro-abortion template, with pro-life posts on it!

    I have never had an abortion myself, but I believe I would do so if I were ever raped or carrying a baby with not just simply disabilities but one with severe defects incompatible with life. So this means I am NOT pro-life, although I do acknowlege the humanity of the embryo. I am a Catholic excommunicant for reasons that have nothing to do with abortion, and I read blogs all over the spectrum to keep up.

    I`m raising my kids Catholic, and as I said on the Loretta comment thread, I think any private school has every right to fire any teacher who has a very clear conflict of interest.

  5. John C. Hathaway

    And, as I noted, I’ve seen private school teachers fired for far less, like objecting to aribtrary changes to the Student Council or double-checking the principal’s professional creds (the principal in question ahd been a tire salesman for 12 years since his last educational job).

    Thanks for commenting!
    I checked out your blog, too. Liked both your latest posts!

  6. Thanks, though I`m sure you won`t like all of my posts — since I am not pro-life, I am admittedly a very poor specimen of the religion which is apparently the main pillar of your life. But I don`t even attempt to reconcile my divergent views with those of the Church — and besides, I married a Buddhist, so for me, it`s all moot! I`m supposed to believe he is living his life in darkness, but I truly think he is just in a different light.

    You would probably enjoy this site, which I also visit a lot —

  7. John C. Hathaway

    Actually, I have great respect for anyone who’s consistent and/or at least leads an “examined life,” as Socrates would put it. What gets my goat are people who try to have it “both ways”, like that passage in Rev about “Be hot or cold, but if you are lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth.”
    Or what Mother Teresa said about not trying to “convert” her patients, but just making them the best Hindus, etc., they could be.
    I have more confidence about seeing someone like you in Heaven than the average Cafeteria Catholic.
    I enjoy learning what the other sides of issues think–so long as I’m actually reading *thoughts*.
    For example, I’ve read some of the best arguments for abortion that are out there–some of which would never even appear on the radar of the average “pro-choicer”–and found them to be edifying, even though I still think they’re ultimately wrong.
    What gets my goat–about people in general, but more notably when I’m arguing against them–is the unwillingness of people to actually read the sources or to seek out the best arguments of the other side.

    Thanks for the link!

  8. I don`t know about seeing you in heaven, because I might opt for hell to be with some of my dearest loved ones instead. It`s true that I do try to stay informed, and make informed choices — sometimes I think I`m the only one in the cafeteria who has even bothered to read Humanae Vitae.

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