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Talk about somebody who needs to be disciplined under _Ex Corde Ecclesiae_

In a recent discussion, my interlocutor mentioned this person, Prof. Maguire of Marquette University, as an authority on abortion. In the context, I had said that Marie Bain is a murderess, because of her work as an abortion escort (transporting a person to an abortion is listed in The Code of Canon Law as one of the acts bearing the guilt of the abortion, and anyone who knows what Planned Parenthood escorts really do should have no doubt of their complicity). Anyway, my interlocutor offered up Prof. Maguire as an expert to the effect that participation in aborion is not murder.
So, let’s start with this guy’s credentials:
He is the author of Sacred Choices: The Right to Contraception and Abortion in Ten World Religions, Fortress Press, 2001.
Even the title is Satanically repulsive.
One of his articles is “The Freedom to Die.”
Of his many honors, he was listed by Ms. Magazine as one of the “40 male heroes of the past decade, men who took chances and made a difference”, 1982.
That is definitely an honor for a Catholic scholar! Yeah, right!
In this article, this esteemed “moral theologian” does nothing but talk statistics, psychology and Kinsey(!) Like most heretics, he contains a few grains of truth, but this article is a Satanic mockery of _The Theology of the Body_. Yes, sex is a kind of liturgy–that’s why God has given us strict rules for how to do it and under what circumstances. Of course, he apparently does not believe in Transubstantiation, as he speaks of “food symbols.” He “blames” Christianity for the “repression” of sexual desires, “misunderstanding” of women’s sexuality, etc. It’s amazing that rehashed tripe like this is considered scholarly publication.

He seems to have a thing against putting Bibles in hotels, as in one article he says they should be replaced by condoms, and in this article, he just throws them out as an example of hypocrisy. And, now, the following quotation alone ought to get him fired from Marquette and stripped of his license to teach Sacred Theology in the Catholic Church:

He didn’t die to “atone for our sins,” a lousy piece of theology gorily indulged in Mel Gibson’s blood bath. He died resisting an empire that was stomping on the poor, militarily and economically.

God’s great, loving Sacrifice of Himself reduced to a political gesture?

In this post, he gets right to the point of the Lewis Crusade, saying it’s “pro-life” to have an abortion rather than allow your child to be deformed by medical treatments, or to kill the baby if the mother’s health is at risk.
His hypotheticals can be found in any letter to the editor, and his simple” What would *you* do?” is so infantile, I can’t even believe this person has a doctorate.

And in this one, he denies the “personhood” of the fetus. What a great guy!