Daily Archives: October 26, 2005

Stand up and defend this pro-life hero

You may have heard about the baby-killing teacher who was fired from a high school in Sacramento. The blogger linked above is the student whose mother turned this witch in to Bishop Weigand (who has previously denied communion to Gray Davis and apparently Arnie the Nazi).
Anyway, this poor girl is taking a beating from ignoramuses who are talking of “discrimination suits” and such garbage. Canon Law says that if you assist in any way in a person getting an abortion, you’re *guilty* of the abortion; it’s latae sententiae excommunication, the harshest penalty presently enforced by the Church. This woman even passed out Planned Parenthood business cards.
Now, the incredibly liberal Catholic high school I attended fired its second-to-laws principal and assistant principal for endorsing condoms in a school assembly, so I don’t see how this cold-blooded murderess has a leg to stand on.
In any case, Catholic bloggers are rallying in support of this poor girl, who is getting trounced by the enemies of life.