Look to the guy’s wife

Contrary to what Sen. Rick Santorum said yesterday, I’ve always held that politician’s wives are the real litmus test to their positions on abortion.
For example, former South Carolina governor David Beasley’s father-in-law was an abortionist. This came out after this “pro-life,” NRLC-endorsed, Baptist Republican was elected governor. “The Beez” said his father-in-law’s profession had no bearing on his own views. As a general rule, I’d support that claim. However, in four years, he did squat to help the pro-life cause.
Similarly, whatever their husbands have said, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush & Laura Bush have all been openly in favor of _Roe_ in some form or another. Nancy Reagan fired Pat Buchanan from the speech staff for being too pro-life, and of course she’s a big crusader in favor of ESCR.

So, despite John Roberts’ apparent “moderate” stance on abortion, I find it highly suggestive that his wife is so active in Feminists for Life and other groups.

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