Daily Archives: May 21, 2005

Star Wars Episode III & ESCR: "Kill the kids to save your wife!"

I bought the graphic novel of “Revenge of the Sith” back when it came out at the first of April, so I knew the basic plot points, since Ep. II had been such a special effects extravaganza that it was hard to follow in the theatre.
One of the principle motivations in Anakin’s change is that he has premonitions of his wife’s death, and wants to save her. Palpatine tells ANakin that the Dark Side has the power to preserve her life. Now, after he turns, and is officially dubbed “Darth Vader”, he must go and do what we knew he did all along: kill the Jedi.
And that, sadly and horribly, includes (in fact, begins with) the cute, trusting young jedi children.
And what does the Emperor say? “If you kill them, you will have the power to save your wife.”

In other words, kill as many babies as possible just to get the power (whether scientific or, in this case, magic) to achieve alleged “immortality” for those one loves (interestingly, the “loved one” in this case does *not* want her life saved at the expense of those children).
Isn’t that the Faustian bargain offered by the ESCR crowd?