Why won’t MoveOn.org move on?

Apparently, MoveOn.org has taken to direct attacks against the Catholic Church. Now, I think they could do a great service to conservatism, if people actually put two-and-two together. . . .
George Soros is a *billionaire*. I get so sick and tired of the Democrats claiming to be the party of the “little guy” and attacking the Republicans as the”party of the Rich,” when the Democrats are richer than the Republicans.
The Democrats have Hollywood, though they try to claim otherwise.
The Democrats have Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Ted Turner, etc.
Of the top ten richest politicians in the US, most are Democrats. Mark Warner is the wealthiest governor in the country. John Kerry is the richest politician of them all, and his net worth is 10 times that of President Bush (though the Bushes pay a far greater percentage of their income in taxes than the Kerrys).

The Democrats are nothing but a party of rich people who want to kill off the poor to ease their own consciences, and I’m sick of it. Don’t talk to me about “choice” when you’re going to kill a woman just for having what you claim is an “inferior” state of “mental capacity” or “quality of life,” whatever that means.

Don’t tell me you’re about choice when you say it’s “compassionate” to murder a disabled child and “cruel” to let that child live.

Don’t tell me you’re about choice when you refuse to present women with all the facts and options regarding that “choice”.

Don’t tell me you’re about choice when you refuse to let people practice their religions in public.

Don’t tell me you’re about choice when you suppress dissenting viewpoints in the media and the classroom.

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