Daily Archives: May 13, 2005

This doesn’t make sense

Gist of article:
AIDS in Africa is making Christians more compassionate; Christians need to change their views of sexuality in light of AIDS.

“Messages like `AIDS is God’s punishment for sin,’ are still very much present,” said the Rev. Johannes Petrus Heath, a South African-based Anglican who operates a confidential network for African religious leaders infected by HIV.

“Messages like” presumably includes acknowledging that sin has practical consequences, sin disrupts the order of nature, etc. “Messages like” probably includes acknowledging that AIDS is spread by sinful behavior, and the best way to prevent AIDS is to behave oneself to begin with.

(The bugaboo of AIDS in the case of rape is an entirely different matter). . .

Anyway, shouldn’t the headline be, “AIDS Epidemic leads secularists to re-think views of sexuality?”