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A great column from Peggy Noonan

I posted the following reply:
Ms. Noonan, Perhaps the man at the wedding was letting you know off the bat, so you didn’t get the wrong idea? (“Don’t bother asking to dance with me; I’m gay”) Anyway, the turn of your column was rather interesting to me. I have a genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome, and I wear it on my sleeve (OK, my T-shirt, but I digress). I have *never* understood why medical matters are “private.” If someone doesn’t want to talk about something, that’s their business. Now, when someone just copmlains about their own problems and doesn’t really want to *share*, that’s one thing. That annoys me as much as the next guy. I don’t know how many times I’ve encountered elderly people who like to gripe about their own aches and pains, but if I mention, in sympathy, “Yeah, I have that too!” THey snap, “I don’t want to hear about your problems. Don’t complain.” Anyway, information, as you say, can save lives, in both directions. I am where I am today because my parents were big on awareness. THey were active in a variety of organizations in the 80s, including being members of the National Marfan Foundation from its inception and starting their own support group, Genetics Unlimited, where people effected in any way by a rare disorder could just get together and share. In those days when home computers were a mysterious luxury, my parents got their information from friends. A friend happened on an article about Johns Hopkins being the center for Marfan syndrome research, so my parents took me to Hopkins. . . . In 1996, when I wasn’t feeling well & my local cardiologist was dumbfounded, the South Carolina Marfan support group sent out a letter announcing its next speaker– aMarfan surgeon in Augusta, GA. So Mom called him, sent over my medicla records, and two months later, I was having heart surgery. . . . As much as I loved my local doc, if we’d stuck our heads in the sand, or just trusted the guy we had (as most of the population would do), I’d be dead now. When I was engaged, my brother said to me, on the phone, “John, it’s so glad to see you happy. I think Mom & Dad exaggerate your illness. You’ve always been so depressed. It’s all we’ve ever talked about.” “You’ve never talked about it with ME.” “OH, I guess you’re right.” I live every day in pain from some aspect of my disorder. I live every day knowing it may be my last. And to *not* say anything? To act like it’s nothing, like I”m no different than anyone else? WHat’s the point?

Laura Ingraham’s Cancer and the Left’s "Compassion"

Laura Ingraham, of whom I’ve been a fan since 1996, has breast cancer. Laura is one of those people who, when I first heard her as a regular guest on CSPAN, I assumed she was Catholic. . . . She has always seemed to be a stronger voice on pro-life issues than most other mainstream conservative commentators. Well, her commentary on the Pope’s election had Mary & me hooting, and Mary asked, “Is she Catholic?” I said, “I don’t think so.” Turns out, she converted ca. 2003–she’s a Fr. McCloskey convert. . . . One thing that fascinates me is the number of conservative political thinkers who convert to Catholicism, from Orestes Brownson to Russell Kirk to the hoarde of converts that William F. Buckley has won through _National Review_.
You don’t hear too much of that on the Left. . . . I still question Jane Fonda’s reputed conversion to Christianity.
Anyway, this has created a side-controversy regarding the Left’s attitude. The hate-mongers on the Left are basically saying she deserves it, that it’s probably “caused by all that hate she carries”, and even tying in the ABC link, claiming it’s some kind of reverse justice against someone who promotes teh “lie” that abortion is linked to breast cancer.

Obviously, there are plenty of causes of breast cancer, just as there are more causses of lung cancer than just smoking. It is disgusting how the establishment says “We don’t know why breast cancer has risen over the past few decades,” then deny the numerous studies that show the links between abortion, contraception and breast cancer.
One poster on the Democrat Underground site even referred to the studies taht say breastfeeding decreases the risk of breast cancer–“Did she refuse to breastfeed?” asks this ignorant person, obviously unaware that Miss Ingraham is a miss.
Of course, she is a conservative woman, and the Left always accuses prominent conservative women of being whores. . . .

Anyway, it’s yet another example of the Compassion of the Left. The great, daunted “COMPASSION” of the Left, touted by Elizabeth Edwards in her calls that her allies have compassion for Laura Ingraham, even while disagreeing with her wrong views, is the #1 reason I’m conservative.

Let’s see the examples in recent memory:
1. If you disagree with them, politically, they wish you would die rather than express that disagreement.
2. Compassion for the Poor Nations of the World means killing them off with abortion and contraception. The Popes are to blame for poverty in the Third World, because they preach against birth control, while the birth controlled Liberals in the US enjoy their Big screen TVs, XBoxes and expensive cars made by former Axis powers.
3. Compassion for the sick and suffering means killing them.
4. Compassion for women in difficult pregnancies (what pregnancies aren’t difficult?) means killing their babies.

Lefties say, “Take your kids to see _Fahrenheit 9/11_; the violence is necessary to drive home the horrors of the war. But _The Passion of the Christ_, now that is a disgusting, voyeuristic attempt to arouse feelings of anti-Semitic violence.”
Let’s see. . . . Which movie has elicited more hatred and violence among its viewers in the past year???