Thoughts on the Schiavo Case

1. The Schiavo case hits really close to home here, for a number of reasons. In October 2003, the last time Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube was pulled, coincided with four other events: it fell right between the feasts of St. Therese of Lisieux and Teresa of Avila, it fell near the beatification of Teresa of Calcutta, and it was the month we found out our third child was a girl. We decided then to give her the name Teresa, but it became her middle name by the time she was born.

2. I’ve always known, living under the shadow of _Roe v. Wade_, that the day would come that they’d “come for me.” And that day is coming closer and closer.

3. These idiots keep talking about “quality of life.” But for them, a person in a wheelchair doesn’t have sufficient quality of life. According to most people’s standards, my daughter and I don’t have sufficient quality of life. Just because my daughter will never play organized sports and may die a younger death than most people, or may need more surgeries than the average person, they say that I’m cruel to have let her live at all. . . .

4. Do you know what it’s like in a wheelchair? People treat you like you’re not there. They talk over you, past you. They try to walk through you, like you’re a door or some kind of obstacle. Waiting in line or sitting around, they walk up and push you and your chair out of their way.
Or, they steer away from you, like you’re a freak. Do you know how many times I’ve had people come at me from another direction, see me, then turn around and run in fear?

It isn’t that surprising people think Terri Schiavo is in a “persistent vegetative state.” As far as most people are concerned, anyone confined to a wheelchair is *that*.

It doesn’t surprise me they want to brutally murder Terri Schiavo. She stands as the opposition to every false value they hold dear: money, convenience, comfort, health, and sexual promiscuity.

5. Speaking of sexual promiscuity, what really blows my top is this “sanctity of marriage” garbage-
-Michael Schiavo is an adulterer. If Florida were a common law state, he’d be a bigamist. He’s absed his wife for fifteen years, and there are questions as to whether spousal abuse caused her injury to begin with. . . . He voided his spousal rights long ago.

5. The same with “he’s her legal guardian, so he should make the decision.” Excuse me? Since when does legal guardianship permit one to commit murder? Are we back to Ancient Rome?

This whole situation is mind-blowing. . . . . The apparent attitude of the American people is disgusting.
But, you know what? Just because it’s the attitude of the Media of Death and their brainwashed minions doesn’t mean it’s the attitude of the American People.

After all, our elected officials have decided to do their duty and intervene to stop a renegade court.

In fall 2003, thousands of people from around the country (myself included) petitioned the Florida Legislature to pass Terri’s Bill. The will of the people spoke then, and it will do so again.

But if it doesn’t, if the Culture of Death wins out again in our Courts of Injustice, don’t expect America to live for long. God’s wrath may be slow, but it is final.

Or elase, as Billy Graham and others have often said, He owes an apology to Sodom and Gommorah.

One response to “Thoughts on the Schiavo Case

  1. Joy Schoenberger

    Create a “Will to Live,” an advance directive specifically forbidding the kind of thing they’re trying to do to Terri. You can download the VA state version at National Right to Life:

    You only need to sign it in front of two witnesses not related by blood or marriage. It’s very easy, and you can do it yourself.

    The form is a pdf, so it’s uneditable, but I’ve typed it up in Word, so I can send you the .doc file of mine if you want to use it as a template.

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