Monthly Archives: January 2005


Welcome to the blog for the Lewis Crusade!
We are a new, grass-roots pro-life apostolate dedicated to three main purposes:
1. Like all pro-life apostolates, we fight for recognition of the unborn child as a human being; specifically, we focus on the fact that society denies parents the right to grieve their miscarried children. Today’s “compassionate” society tells grieving mothers that the children they have carried in their womb and lost prematurely are “just blobs of tissue.”
2. We fight for ethical medical research. Specifically, we are fighting for a total ban on embryonic stem cell research. Medical care should never come at the cost of sacrificing innocent lives, and those of us with severe health conditions need to be able to hope for cures we can *use*.
3. We fight for the recognition of the worth of people with genetic disorders. We have the right to be born, the right to live within our limitations, and the right to as much respect as anyone else. Society tells us we are burdens, and that we have no right to reproduce and spread our “imperfect” genes around.

The main Lewis Crusade site will have our contact information and major articles; this site will be used for daily news updates and commentary.