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Villanova University, a Catholic school, honors true FemiNazi

Today, Rush Limbaugh spoke about Villanova University honoring a dead professor who slit the throat of her baby with Down’s syndrome and later committed suicide in jail. This woman has become a poster-figure for post-partum depression. Now, post-partum depression is one thing. Post-partum *psychosis* (actual violence against a child) is quite another. And this is hardly a case of either. The woman openly admitted to willfully killing her child, who was on a feeding tube, to “spare” the child from “suffering.” It’s like justifying Michael Schiavo’s behavior as a “mid-life crisis.”
Secondly, it is one thing to use a tragic case as an example to raise awareness of a societal problem. It is quite another to make a hero(ine) out of the perpetrator. It’s like naming a building after John Hinckley in order to raise awareness of schizophrenia. . .. Of course, the way the left’s going, they’ll probably start praising John Hinckley as a hero, anyway.
Lastly, Villanova is supposed to be a *Catholic* institution. Interestingly, when I came home and looked up both Villanova and this particular story, I found that the main Villanova page had several pro-life events listed, but nothing about this dedication. It took a second perusal of Rush’s site to find where the article was linked.
Then I sent off a letter to Villanovans for Life, the Villanovan Newspaper and the Philadelphia Inquirer.
The good news is that when I e-mailed the message to the Villanovan paper, they have an online poll, asking for people’s opinions of the memorial to Ener: disapprove, approve or don’t know. It was 100 % disapproval.



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